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  • Ongoing
    IHY Summer Schools for Graduate Students

  • October 6 - 10, 2008
    IHY & World Space Week
    The Center for Science Education at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Stanford Solar Center are sponsoring special web-based activities to celebrate World Space Week . Teachers, students, and scientists are invited to participate in online investigations and discussions. Join in a world wide community event featuring space!

  • Ongoing
    Solar Week
    Every fall and spring since 2000, Solar Week provides a weeklong series of Web-based educational classroom activities and games geared for elementary, middle and high school students with a focus on the Sun-Earth connection.

  • Ongoing
    World Space Week
    The Largest Annual Public Space Event on Earth Celebrated in over 50 Nations every October 4-10.

  • Ongoing
    NASA's Sun-Earth Day
    A series of programs and events that occur throughout the year culminating with a celebration on or near the Spring Equinox.
      2008: "Space Weather Around the World"
      2007: "Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun"
      2006: "Eclipse, in a Different Light"
    Their Web site is home to educational resources for varying grade levels, including the following: podcasts, a series of articles and images, and much more.
    *** Watch the total solar eclipse on March 29 2006 webcast from Turkey in collaboration with the San Francisco Exploratorium.

  • Ongoing
    Yuri's Night World Space Party: Celebrating the Anniversary of the first human in space! April 12 of every year.

  • June 10, 2007
    "Open Doors" Day at IHY Observatories and Museums
    This is a special activity coordinated by IHY-EUROPE where institutions, observatories, and educational sites open their doors to the public and host special presentations on the heliophysical environment.

  • November 10, 2007 ,
    Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop: "Sun-Earth Relationships and the International Heliophysical Year" The event, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will feature hands-on activities for teachers throughout the region, plus a special planetarium exhibit provided by the Houston Museum of Natural History and Rice University!

  • Ongoing , ,
    TRIPOD (Telescope + Observing + Teaching) - Establishment of astronomical telescope facilities in developing countries - United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

  • Ongoing , ,
    IHY/UNBSSI Small Instrument Array Deployment : low-cost, ground-based, world-wide instrument arrays - International Heliophysical Year (IHY) and United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative (UNBSSI).

  • Ongoing
    AWESOME Space Weather Monitors: Deployment in high schools and educational sites around the world. Collect space weather data with your own classroom space weather monitor!

  • Ongoing
    Radio Jove: Planetary Radio Astronomy for Schools: An exciting program where students and amateur scientists observe and analyze natural radio emissions of Jupiter and the Sun. Build your own radio receiver!

  • Ongoing
    SEGway: E/PO program - Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley: is a group of educator-scientists working to present the latest astronomy and space science research to students, teachers, and the general public.

  • Ongoing
    UkrAstro Foundation, Ukraine

  • Ongoing ,
    Lafayette Natural History Museum & Planetarium, Louisiana, USA

  • Ongoing ,
    Educational Web Sites on Astronomy, Physics, Spaceflight and the Earth's Magnetism

  • Ongoing
    Popular articles on planetary research

  • Ongoing
    SHARE Initiative CIC

  • Ongoing
    Scientific and Cultural Outreach Center - CDCC/USP, Brazil

  • Ongoing
    European Planetarium Network: The stars are shining at your local planetarium, and it's a great way to learn about heliophysics!

  • Ongoing
    Canadian IPY Youth Steering Committee Informing the world's youth about the Poles and involving them in the International Polar Year

  • Ongoing
    SSI's Space Weather Center Educational Website: The unique mission of the Space Science Institute (SSI) is to integrate scientific research with education and public outreach.

  • March 29, 2006
    IHY Activities for the Total Solar Eclipse on March 29 2006: Special viewing stations will be set up all along the path of the eclipse. ............................ Photos of the viewing stations

  • May 23-24, 2006 ,
    Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop: "Sun-Earth Relationships and the International Heliophysical Year" - sponsored by the American Geophysical Union.

  • June 26-30, 2006 ,
    UNIVERSAT-2006 : "Space Education and University Satellites" - on the new initiatives in space science education and students satellites construction and development.

  • July 24-August 4, 2006 ,
    CISM Space Weather Summer School - aimed at students entering graduate school in space or solar physics, but also at some undergraduates, high-school teachers and professionals entering the field. The school provides an overview of the space environment, space weather hazards and models.

  • July 24-28, 2006 ,
    Workshop for Teachers - "Old and new Worlds: The Sun, the Moon and (Exo-) Planets" (in German)

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