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A comprehensive listing of the GONG data products is can be accessed in gongproducts_CR2068.pdf - it's a great place to start.

The data files in the GONG PFSS directory can be identified as follows:

mrmc7 = Opening & Closing Field Lines
mrmq3 = Integral Model Synoptic Field Plot
mrmq4 = Integral Model Line of Sight Field Plot
mrmq5 = Integral Model Synoptic Ecliptic-Plane Field Plot
mrmq6 = Integral Model Line of Sight Ecliptic-Plane Field Plot
mrmq7 = Integral Model Top View Ecliptic-Plane Field Plot
mrmqf = Integral Model Synoptic Coronal Hole Plot
mrmqg = Integral Model Line of Sight Synoptic Coronal Hole Plot
mrmqj = Integral Synoptic Map JPG file
mrmqs = Integral Syntopic Map FITS file

Complete key to GONG PFSS filenames

The data and images in these directories were provided by science team members for these instruments.

Links to the information to the appropriate individual team members and data/model descriptions are included in the directories, when available. Publication policies are included in individual directories when appropriate.

*Please* contact the science team for permission before using images or data in any publication.